We Work Together as a Community

An important way we support the community we serve is through our growing team of ABC Advocates. More than salespeople, our Advocates provide one-to-one service and product education, and promote our mission to encourage and enable your participation in adaptive sports. You will find our Advocates networking at health fairs, trade shows and athletic events. They receive special training, but more important, a majority are customers themselves. No one understands your challenges—and how to surmount them—better than people who share your experience.

A Unique Employment Opportunity

Whether you are an ABC customer, a customer’s family member, or anyone looking for flexible income opportunity that allows you to work at your own pace, we invite you to become an ABC Advocate, too. As an Advocate you have no sales quota to worry about. How much you earn is entirely up to you. The job requires only the life experience, sincerity and enthusiasm you bring to it. We provide all the educational support and marketing materials you need to succeed—including your own Web page. Our multilevel compensation plan includes lucrative residual commissions. Since customers must continually purchase many of the products we sell, you receive a percentage of the sale each time we ship.

Make a Living While You Make a Difference

ABC Medical gives you an opportunity to earn income and improve lives, not just by helping to meet the crucial needs of our customers, but also as part of a company dedicated to adaptive sports. When you work for us even part-time, we contribute a percentage of our profit to the adaptive sports charity of your choice—to help fund your own team or any other charitable organization.

How We Help Our Advocates Succeed

We provide all the structure and support you need:

  • Training to help you promote our products and mission, and to educate customers effectively
  • Comprehensive marketing materials, including brochures, videos and signage
  • Your own personalized Web page linked to this site
  • A generous commission-based compensation plan
  • Incentives for recruiting other ABC Advocates
  • Opportunity for advancement