Coloplast Catheters

Coloplast is an international company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products. In the United States, Coloplast is a market leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of continence care products, including straight intermittent and closed system catheters, ostomy care and wound care products.

Coloplast Continence Care and Coloplast Catheters

Coloplast carries a full range of catheters to meet an individual's needs, including straight, Coude or bent tips, closed-system catheters that are designed to reduce or prevent urinary tract infections and male external, or condom, catheters. Coloplast purchased Mentor Corporation's urology business in 2006 which included the Mentor line of intermittent and indwelling bladder catheters.  Coloplast's catheter product line features the SpeediCath family of intermittent catheters and Conveen, a line of male, external catheters.  

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Coloplast SpeediCath Family of Catheters

SpeediCath catheters include unique products including the SpeediCath Compact Female and SpeediCath Compact Male catheters, catheters that are designed to be discreet and convenient.  The SpeediCath Compact Female catheter is about the same size as a lipstick but includes all the benefits of other catheters, including low-friction coatingand easy-grip handle, no PVC or phthalates and it is pre-hydrated and ready to use right out of the pack.  The SpeediCath Compact Male catheter is new to the market in 2012 and less than half the size of a standard male catheter, making it equally easy to store and carried like the SpeediCath Compact Female catheter.  The SpeediCath catheter has a uniform hydrophillic coating and polished eyelits.  The SpeediCath Complete is available for males and females and comes with the added protection of an insertion guide and unique coating that reduces the risk of urethral micro-trauma and it comes with a urine collection bag.

Conveen Optima and Conveen Active

The Conveen line of catheter products from Coloplast includes the Conveen Optima, a male, external catheter that comes in various sizes to ensure comfort and a secure fit.  Conveen Active is a urine collection bag that, when combined with the Conveen Optima, provides discretion and reliability.


Coloplast Ostomy Products

Coloplast offers a wide selection of Ostomy products and includes unique solutions to meet ostomy patients' needs.  The SenSura Mio is the latest colostomy product and is a one-piece closed appliance with a new elastic adhesive that fits individual body shapes thanks to Coloplast's BodyFit Technology.  SenSura is the line of ostomy bags that include a double-layer adhesive providing security and comfort.  Coloplast also offers ostomy products under its BodyCheck and Brava line, including a full range of accessories.  More information and a full line of Coloplast's Ostomy products can be found at


Coloplast Wound and Skin Care Products

Coloplast manufactures a wide range of wound and skin care products designed to help wounds heal faster and provide solutions for people with skin conditions.  Coloplast's Biatain Silicone product line provides superior absorption with soft adhesion.