Our Dedication to Your Health

Our comprehensive educational programs help the people we serve lead healthier lives. For customers new to cathing and ostomy care—and even for those who’ve been doing it a long time—technique, attention to hygiene and other health-related behaviors are just as important as the choice of products. Education can make a big difference in reducing your risk of infection, improving your comfort and boosting your confidence. Even one new tip can make all the difference.

We offer video tutorials and online information on product selection and use, infection prevention, health and nutrition, and other wellness topics. We also provide free training and health assessments by phone. All our customer support employees are certified health advocates or registered nurses. If you have questions or concerns at any time, we have qualified staff available around the clock, seven days a week to help you.

System Catheterization Studies

The following are links to studies on Closed vs. Intermittent systems and how they help reduce UTI's:

Study 1

No-Touch Catheterization and Infection rates in a select spinal cord injured population.

Study 2

The effect of urethral introducer tip catheters on the incidence of urinary tract infection outcomes in spinal cord injured patients.

Study 3

Differences in urinary tract infections in male and female spinal cord injury patients on intermittent catheterization.

Study 4

Urological product research for the spinal cord injury patient requiring intermittent catheterization.

Study 5

Infection rates before and after introduction of a closed system with an introducer tip for intermittent catheterizations.