Hollister Incorporated is an international company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products. In the United States, Hollister is a market leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of continence care products, including straight intermittent and closed system catheters, ostomy care and wound care products.

Continence Care/Catheters

Hollister carries a full range of catheters to meet an individual's needs, including straight, Coude or bent tips and closed-system catheters that are designed to reduce or prevent urinary tract infections. Hollister's catheter product line includes brands such as: Advanced Plus Closed System Intermittent Catheter, Advanced Plus Intermittent Catheter Kit, Apogee Intermittent Catheter, Apogee Closed System Intermittent Catheter and the Apogee Closed System Kit.   All of these catheters are latex-free and include ultra-smooth eyelits designed to provide maximum comfort during insertion and removal.  The Apogee and Advanced Plus Closed System Intermittent catheters include a unique protective tip designed to reduce the introduction of bacteria into the urinary system.  Bacteria pushed into the urethra can lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs). More information and a full catalogue of Hollister's catheters can be found at http://hollister.com/us/continence/consumer/products/.

Ostomy Products

Throughout Hollister's 85 year history, it has been a market leader in innovation.  Hollister's Ostomy product line includes unique solutions to meet ostomy patients' needs, including its New Image Two-Piece Pouching System.  The New Image Two-Piece Pouching System allows people with ostomies to live their lives with comfort, confidence, and discretion.  Hollister also offers the Premier One-Piece Pouching System, a product where a skin barrier and pouch are constructed as one unit.  In addition, Hollister has designed the Pouchkins Pediatric Pouching System and offers a wide range of Accessories designed to enhance wear time or the performance of an ostomy product.  More information and a full line of Hollister's Ostomy products can be found at https://hollister.com/us/ostomy/consumer/products/

Secure Start Program for Continence Care and Ostomy

One of the features of Hollister's service is its Secure Start program, a program designed specifically for the individual needing continence or ostomy products quickly and the support to go with it.  Hollister's Continence Care Secure Start program features Secure Start Continence Care Coordinators available to assist individuals and Hollister provides a customized sample kit that is sent directly to an individual's home within 48 hours of seeing your clinician.  The Continence Care Coordinator remains in contact with you after returning home from the rehabilitation hospital or urology clinic, offering product support and assistance. More information on Hollister's Secure Start program can be found at https://hollister.com/us/continence/consumer/ss/ for catheters.  The Secure Start Program for ostomy customers features the same benefits as its Continence Care program and provides customers with an opportunity to feel secure when you have questions about your ostomy.  You can find more information about the Secure Start Ostomy Program at https://hollister.com/us/ostomy/ss/.

Wound Care Products

Hollister has designed proprietary processes and patented formulations to provide a full line of advanced dressings and skin care products. Hollister wound care product lines utilize TRIACT ADVANCED Technology and are marketed under the Restore product name.