Mission Statement

When we joined ABC Medical in early 2012, the senior management team brought together over 50 years of combined healthcare experience. We had worked in large organizations, small organizations and start-ups, each providing its own unique set of challenges, opportunities and rewards. Our goal was to leverage our experience to provide the best customer service available, always putting the customer first in all that we do. And we were passionate about one thing: building a healthcare company that would Do Well by Doing Good!

When we measure our success, we do not measure it solely by how much we grow the company or by what our financial results are….we equally measure our success by the lives we impact positively, the opportunities we provide and support we give to growing Adaptive Sports. Our mission, and our success in achieving it, motivate each one of us on the ABC Team each day and give us a greater purpose. This passion is what drove us to develop our Mission Statement:

As the first and only provider of urological supplies and related products committed to adaptive sports, our mission is to help the disabled community lead healthier, more active, more confident lives by:

  • Encouraging and helping fund their athletic participation, nationally and locally
  • Carrying a comprehensive product line that places their needs ahead of our profits
  • Providing product options and education to help reduce urinary tract infections
  • Offering innovative and rewarding opportunities for part- and full-time employment