Medical Technologies of Georgia, or MTG as it is known in the catheter industry, specializes in the manufacture of closed system, intermittent catheters.  MTG is privately owned and operated by the same management team that marketed MMG Healthcare closed system, intermittent catheters, catheters that were well known for reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections. MTG has carried on that tradition of quality and devotion to improving the quality of life of those using intermittent catheterization. 

MTG Catheters

MTG manufactures its products in the United States and markets a diverse family of closed system catheters that are designed to address specific needs of patients.  Many of MTG's catheters come in a Mini-Pak version which includes a privacy bag for discreet disposal. All of MTG's catheters include introducer tips to prevent urinary tract infections, are latex-free and come with fire-polished eyelits.  In developing their line of catheters, MTG focused on products for people with spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, quadripelgia and paraplegia.

MTG EZ-Gripper
MTG offers the MTG EZ-Gripper, a closed system catheter that is great for anyone with limited hand function.  The MTG EZ-Gripper has a unique Gripper to aid with the insertion of the catheter and can be used by males and females.  The MTG EZ-Gripper also includes a privacy bag for discreet disposal.

MTG EZ-Advancer
The MTG EZ-Advancer, like all MTG products, is a closed system catheter and allows easy advancing of the catheter without the catheter retracting back into the collection bag by utilizing MTG's patented locking valve.  The MTG EZ-Advancer is also available in a mini-pak that reduces the amount of space you need to store your catheters when you are on the go and includes a privacy bag for discreet disposal. 

MTG Cath-Lean
MTG has designed a closed system catheter specifically for women, the MTG Cath-Lean.  This catheter is discreet and compact, comes with a collection bag and also features the EZ-Advancer technology so you do not have to worry about the catheter retracting in the collection bag.

MTG Instant Cath
MTG offers closed intermittent catheter system design that includes a 16" length catheter with polished eyes called the MTG Instant Cath.  This catheter is supplied in a complete kit and fits in a pocket or purse  with a Mini-Pak version that include a privacy bag for discreet disposal.

MTG Kiddie-Kath
The last product MTG provides was designed with kids in mind, the MTG Kiddie-Kath.  The MTG Kiddie-Kath has a child-length catheter and collection bag, features EZ-Advancer technology and is so compact it fits in a pant pocket, ideal for school, camps or sleepovers.