Rochester Medical has been designing catheters for over 20 years and introduced the first antimicrobial intermittent catheter on the market. Rochester's technology of manufacturing catheters includes an all-silicone design that eliminates allergens and toxins that may be associated with latex or PVC catheters.  All of Rochester's catheters are manufactured in the United States.  Rochester's products include intermittent catheters, Foley catheters, male external catheters and urethral inserts.

Intermittent Catheters

Rochester's premier intermittent catheter is the Magic3, a line of catheters that come with a variety of options and benefits to the catheter user.  The Magic3 is a non-coated catheter, the Magic3+Antibacterial catheter includes nitrofurazone, an antibacterial agent that is matrixed to the catheter's outer surface and the Magic3+Hydrophilic includes a sterile water packet, providing virtually friction-free movement and removal. The Magic3+Hydrophilac also comes with unique packaging that makes catheterization quick and easy while maintaining sterility in any environment. This catheter is available as a straight or coude intermittent catheter or as a closed system, providing touch-free catheterization with a collection bag.  Finally, the Magic3+Antibacterial+Hydrophilic includes all of the benefits of Rochester's other intermittent catheters in one catheter. All of Rochester's intermittent catheters are designed for easy insertion, optimal handling and protection from urinary tract infections.

Foley Catheters

Rochester manufactures Silicone Foley Catheters and Anti-Infection Foley Catheters that are designed to eliminate risks associated with exposure to latex.  The benefits of Rochester's Foley catheters include soft, smooth, and flexible catheters while maintaining drainage properties comparable to latex combined with smooth eyelets, an integrated and seamless balloon design and a reinforced, kink-resistant funnel, ribbed for a secure connection to the collection bag.

Urethral Inserts

Rochester introduced the FemSoft Insert to address the millions of women affected by female stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The FemSoft Insert is a disposable, single-use product that a woman inserts into her urethra to prevent unintentional urine leakage.  Its design makes it so comfortable that women report they do not know it is there and it provides control over leakage and odor without requiring surgery.