Thank you so much for all the help and keeping us informed all the time.  Thank you for making sure my husband has plenty of samples!! 

- Rosie | Own Your Body catheter sample program participant Carlos's wife 


Thank you soo much for your help! Trying to navigate all this medical junk is overhwleming at times, and impossible at other times. Your assistance with this piece of the puzzle, and in general, is very refreshing! I appreciate it!



You have a wonderful afternoon. I will keep in touch.  God is great, and I've asked for many blessings for you and Mrs. Shelly, Dolores, Mary, and all of your staff who have been a blessing to me.
Jesus loves you Keith and so do I for everything you've done for me.

- M. Torres  


Işıl, Joe and the ABC Medical Team, excellent work you guys! What you are doing to help people is truly marvelous. 

- A. Sharif


Ms. Scheele, This is to give you my most profound thanks for the service that two of your employees, Stephen Anderson and Jennifer Demerjion have rendered to me in supplying catheters over an extended period of time. As probably with many of your “elderly” customers, I have reached a point in my life that I cannot even begin to urinate without that “equipment!” My wife and I have wanted to take a rather long cruise (66 days!) visiting countries bordering the Mediterranean, but my dependence on catheters supplied by your firm was initially our primary concern. But the consideration and cooperation of ABC Medical and its employees have made the impossible now possible! This will probably be the last time we’ll take such an extended vacation; but after visiting 51 countries and owning companies in three of them, plus Alaska, this will probably be our “Bucket Trip,” the last one we’ll take of such a distance, duration, and time away from the United States. Thanks again for your kind and considerate service by all your personnel!



Grandmother Trena, wanted the management team to know how happy she is with ABC Medical. She has sole custody of her grandson and has been taking care of him for years. Has never dealt with a company that offers so much to their patients. Stated the MD office said we really do take care of our pts. and now she feels that statement is true. Loved that we were able to send samples, the quickness of our response to the referral. Loves the nurse hotline feels it is a blessing and loved how down to earth I was. She felt like she made a new friend today.  

-A. Payne


I am so glad you called me, because I want to say I am so so so impressed with your company. I got my gift in my shipment yesterday and I loved it. For the past 20 years that i've been with (__) medical, never have I received a gift or a thank you note from them. and you guys just started shipping my supplies and I am already in awe.  I will tell all my friends in wheelchairs about you guys now. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you all! 

J. Hughes | ABC Customer- Own Your Body Program


 Dear ABC Team,

Thank you so much for the wonderful package I received from you today in perfect condition and timing!!  I was having such a bad week and your awesome gift arrived!  It made my day and week so much brighter.

Thank you for the pretty Red ABC mug with the $5.00 gift certificate to Starbucks coffee shop!  Can hardly with to have a cup of coffee from it!  Also happy to receive the 20 extra catheters you enclosed with my regular order.  Also the ABC Medical Holiday Brochure with valuable information regarding possible future need for more supplies, your activities and sponsored scholarships.   Wonderful brochure so well done!  

My thanks and congratulations to you for greatly EXCEEDING my expectations in EVERY way EVERY month! 

Merry Christmas to all of you! 

Exceedingly Blessed, 

M. Bryan


@MyABCMedical you're a rockin' Santa!! Thank you for the holiday mug, Starbucks giftcard, and fun! Best med-supplier ever!!! 

-Candace C. 


In the past we worked with other medical supply companies and had them come into our adaptive sports events. We found the sales reps very pushy, which made us kind of uncomfortable. You guys are always very professional and very friendly at events and we'd love to have your reps attend our upcoming quad rugby tournament in Baltimore. 

Lori P. | Executive Director 


Hello, I received the package of samples this afternoon. thank you very much. I will try each of them and get back to you about which ones I preferred and which ones I disliked. I appreciate you guys taking the time to make the package personalized and individual. It was nice to see that you guys take the time to make your potential clients feel welcome and appreciated. I will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on the samples.

Thanks again, 

Rebecca M. | Own Your Body Program member


Keith, I greatly appreciate your quick response! It is wonderful that you can help me get the correct sizing. (Often, I receive larger sizes, and I give them to my husband.) ABCmedical is such a great company, and you all have really impacted my life.. I will wear the shirt proudly! Thank you so much.

Leslie N. 


Thank you for the prompt service of my catheters. I called on Monday and received my shipment on Friday. That's great service. The shipment, as usual was in excellent conditon and it was exactly what I ordered. I can't think of any suggestions, your service is outstanding! Packaged and Prepared by Rob. C. 

-Thomas P. 


Thank you for assigning my account to Maria Sacchetti when you bought our original company years ago! She is the most welcomed call we receive all month! Her voice radiates a heart burning with a desire to please with the best service possible. Maria is the "Best" friend I have never met and probably never will- yet I love her like "family." What a blessing when one is ill or lonely like me! God Bess Your Company! 

-Mary B. 


Thanks so much for sponsoring the event and participating.  I personally have been very impressed with ABC Medical's dedication to wheelchair sports and the SBADV I switch over :).

Terri -  Mother of an ABC Customer


Hi Amy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for being part of our tournament.  I have to admit I was a little leery about having a medical come in as a vendor, but what you and your company brought to the table, was just wonderful for our athletes. Thank you again and I hope we see you again next year.

-Carole Appleton | NE Sled Hockey Tournament Director 

I love the new ABC and look forward to many years of serving the great people who use our products. - Layne M. | ABC Advocate 


I have been a client with ABC Medical for almost 10 years now. In that time, the quality of the product and customer service has never been stronger than it is right now. ABC came on as a sponsor for Alabama Adapted Athletics this year and it has been another great partnership.They have been responsive to our needs, generous with funds and promotional materials, and a real pleasure to meet. I think what I appreciate most about the partnership with ABC is that they really care about athletes with disabilities and it shows. I look forward to 10 more great years!

Margaret Stran | Associate Director | Head Coach Adaptive Rowing University of Alabama Adapted Athletics


Our partnership with ABC Medical is without question one of the brightest developments in the history of our program. In ABC we have a partner that is in the business for the right reasons. The staff at ABC  really cares about their customers and the mission of improving adapted athletic opportunities. ABC gets it! They treat their customers and partners like family and they focus on making the world a better place for persons with disabilities. We really value our Brand at the University of Alabama and we are very proud of our partnership with ABC Medical.

Brent Hardin | Director | University of Alabama Adapted Athletics

I think these catheters are the best and your service is terrific.



Jennifer was very helpful getting me started for my catheters and also Rick in Colorado sent me a good start.



Marie my supply coordinator is very knowledgeable about the products I need and was very helpful when everything was so new and confusing to me. Very helpful.



I spent 20 years of my life feeling like I could not go far from the bathroom. Using a catheter gives me my life back. I am able to go to places and not have to spend most of the time looking for a bathroom. Life is great.



Supplies were delivered as promised. Very efficient service.



Hello Sally,

Thank you for your educational luncheon last week. We have used the packets and Igave one packet out myself today. It was the EZ Gripper. Tne patient was in our day program, a quad and is in the process of IC training.

In my professional opinion, tis product may help him become independent. I am hopeful and so was he. This is what you don't see that what you do makes a difference.



ABC is a company that promotes respect for physically challenged individuals.

M.A. of Urology Practice, Georgia

Hello Keith, My very challenging summer just had a rainbow thanks to the kind package that just arrived today.  Watching that great footage just brought me back to that wonderful day with you in Wildwood Crest…and an incredible rush and peaceful freedom overcame me…and boy did I need that.

Thank you my friend and look forward to reconnecting with you again soon.

Scott C.-Motivaional Speaker & Life Coach


Your service is  freakin' AWESOME! I love it. I like how easy it is to order and to change orders. Your representatives are polite, attentive , helpful, and knowledgeable. 
Renny J.- ABC customer 


Mr. Jones:

I cannot remember the last time I have received such great customer service from ANY company. 

From me to your entire team;  Keep up the kind of work for all your customers like you did for me on Friday and you'll have no choice but to grow and be successful!  Thank you for all the attention and response, not to mention immediate resolution of my issue.  Before Friday I was a loyal customer.  Now, I am a loyal customer with ABC Medical holding the all-time #1 customer service experience position in my memory. Great job!

Matt B. - Father of ABC customer 


It was so wonderful to finally meet you all (at NWBA Nationals).  Makes me an even more satisfied client.  I LOVE ABC !!

Amy B. - ABC customer


Hey Keith:

Thanks for the response - it's not very often that a customer gets a response from the Chief Executive Officer. :)  I just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I have been for ABC Medical these past two years.

L.R. - Mother of ABC customer KJ



"I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you to you and the folks at ABC Medical for helping me to get supplies. I would like to commend Leon for getting things done so quickly and following up regularly with me to ensure that everything was on track. He is great at what he does."

"And I would also like to commend Hector. Hector has been so instrumental in helping me. He stepped up to the plate and intervened on my behalf when I wasn't sure how to go about getting supplies. He guided me every step of the way and also checked in at each step to ensure everything was running smoothly and ensured that I received my supplies. Hector is a true professional and his going above and beyond to help his clients (and potential clients) shows his dedication and pride he takes in his job as an employee of ABC Medical."

"Thank you to all involved, I now am not just an advocate of ABC, I am proudly a client. Finally getting supplies is a big financial and emotional burden off my shoulders and I wouldn't have been able to do it with out ABC's help."

Debbie H. - ABC Customer and ABC Advocate


"Back in 2009, I had a problem with my insurance.  My insurance changed.  I was trying to figure out what I was going to do.  Because ABC didn't honor the insurance I had at the time.  I called them to speak about it, and ABC was very helpful.  They helped me make it through 9 months until I could switch plans."

Kevin H. - ABC Advocate

"How do I begin to thank you for all you have done for me?  If it wasn't for you, I don't have any idea what I would do!  Everyone else has turned me down, I don't know how the other seniors do it.  You are one of God's Angels!"

Pat O. - ABC Customer

"I get my supplies from you guys thank you so much you're the best company. when I say I can't go without you I really mean it thank you the best"   "Totally Awesome, ABC Rocks"

Robert S. - ABC Customer


"I can always rely on ABC to get my order right and on time which I appreciate deeply.  I love the service at ABC"

Pamela D. - ABC Customer


"I am truly appreciative of ABC's service.  The best medical supply company I have ever worked with"

Judith L. - ABC Customer


" guys are the best, thanks for following up and caring so much about me"

Micah J. - ABC Customer


"ABC - I have heard that because of your generous contribution to the NWBA, our Seattle Storm women's team will be able to roster their team.  As a new team trying to recruit women to wheelchair basketball, the fee waiver to roster the team is very appreciated.  I believe I speak of many organizations across the country with adaptive sports programs, the generosity of ABC Medical has been a blessing.  To have the support of a company that understands the needs for our athletes to be active and competitive is overwhelming.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Tami E. - Executive Director of Seattle Adaptive Sports


"Thank you very much for your gnerous donation to the ABLE Youth Independence & Sports Program.  Your contribution will help us in our mission to show children in wheelchairs that life can be happy and healthy no matter what the circumstances.  May God continue to bless you so you can bless others."

Rick S. - ABLE Youth Director


"Dear Friends, Thank You for your generous contributions to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation for the Hill on Wheels Wheelchair Basketball Programs.  For over 60 years, Cardinal Hill has depended on compassionate friends such as yourself as we help patients rebuild their lives with dignity and hope following a traumatic event."

Cardinal Hill Hospital Foundation