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Dear Valued Freestate Customer,

We are excited to announce to you, our valued customer, that Freestate has recently joined the ABC Medical family. ABC Medical is a national provider of urology, ostomy, incontinence and wound care products. If you or someone you know is involved in adaptive sports, it is likely you recognize ABC Medical as they are the biggest supporter of adaptive sports in the United States, proving their dedication to their customers’ health and wellness.

You have come to expect and depend upon friendly, reliable service from Freestate Medical, and now by joining ABC Medical, you can expect an even greater dedication to EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS every day. From now on, you will be supported by Team ABC that possesses over 100 years of experience servicing patients with their healthcare needs.

While we integrate the businesses, our focus will be to ensure you don’t experience any service interruptions and it is business as usual. We will be calling you prior to your next order to confirm everything, and if there are any questions, please call us at 1-888-440-9320

ABC Medical stands for Adapt.Believe.Compete. Click below to read more about the company and what they stand for. 

Visit the Navigator Website!

Welcome to Twenty SECOND cOMPANY, iNC.

  • Adapt. to the ever changing medical supply industry by investing in our people and systems to provide exceptional service, programs and products despite constant reimbursement pressures and challenges.

  • Believe. that without our customers, ABC Medical does not exist.  Each customer is an important member of the ABC Family and deserves our care, compassion and support every day, every conversation and in every package we ship.
  • Compete. endlessly not only in providing exceptional service, but in supporting the community we serve.

How to Contact ABC Medical?
We are here to ensure that our dedicaton to customer satisfaction is not compromised. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 
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