1. People with dexterity issues can use it- Peristeen is designed for people who might have dexterity issues. For those people who are dependent on a caregiver, Peristeen gives them independence, because they can manage their own bowel program without being reliant on a caregiver.Peristeen
  2. Water bag doesn’t need to be hung up- The water bag is part of a pump system, which means it doesn’t need to be hung up. It doesn’t need gravity for water flow, so you can place it wherever you want on the floor.
  3. No chemicals- You don’t use any chemicals are used with Peristeen- only warm tap water is used.
  4. Less time- Most enemas require patients to hold the fluid in. This could take from 10 to 30 minutes. With Peristeen, once the water is pumped in, it is immediately released, and the patient will have a bowel movement. The total time from start to finish is about 30 minutes.
  5. Easy and clean- It’s also done with someone sitting on the toilet so there is no mess or cleaning up.
  6. Independence and self-confidence- By providing a complete effective emptying, Peristeen allows independence and care, and restores self-confidence and dignity.