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ABC Medical Customer Care

ABC Medical is one of the nation’s leading medical supply companies, and serves as a one-stop shop with a comprehensive line of medical supplies and service that includes urological, ostomy, incontinence and wound care supplies. The ABC Medical team is the first and only provider of urology supplies in the industry committed to adaptive sports, believing we can and will make a difference not only in our athletic communities, but transfer our knowledge to all our customers and communities who are in need of urology supplies, ostomy supplies, and incontinence supplies and services.

ABC stands for: Adapt. Believe. Compete.

Adapt - ABC Medical adapted to the ever changing medical supply industry by investing in our people and systems to provide exceptional service, programs and products despite constant reimbursement pressures and challenges.

Believe - ABC Medical operates under the belief that without its customers, ABC Medical does not exist. Each customer is an important member of the ABC Family and deserves our care, compassion and support every day, every conversation and in every package we ship.

Compete - ABC Medical will compete endlessly not only in providing exceptional service, but in supporting the community we serve. Our competitive spirit shines through our support of Adaptive Sports and Adaptive Activities throughout the U.S: 

We are an organization that is focused entirely on the customer and their communities served. We have developed a medical supply company that is unique to the market, by not only selling product, but also providing our expertise and service. Our mission is summarized by our company goal: “To Do Well By Doing Good!”

Each year, we contribute our time, talent and treasure to athletes and adaptive sports organizations because we believe being active leads to a healthier and more productive life.
We provide this support to: over 100 Adaptive Sports events each year; hundreds of national and local adaptive sports organizations; numerous Adaptive Sports clinics annually.

We work endlessly to be our customers’ and their families’ primary resource of information. Every conversation you have with the ABC Medical team, or each time you visit our digital media, you are likely to learn something new about the industry and what’s happening in the community.

We are the Provider of Choice by consumers, physician offices and rehabilitation professionals because we support our customers and communities and do so with the highest professional standards. We want to continue to build upon what we have created and execute on our mission to serve you.

ABC Medical strives to earn your business everyday, to be your medical supplier. We are honored to serve you, and we will never stop… Adapting, Believing and Competing for you.

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