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Coloplast Brava® Supporting Products

A complete solution designed to personalize pouching system fit and help reduce leakage. 

Brava Hero Image

Brava® Supporting Products can help personalize the pouching system fit which is key to minimizing leakage and giving you security and confidence. Depending on what you are experiencing, there are different products that may be able to help.


Secure against leakage

Brava® Protective Seal

Significantly reduces leakage compared to other rings on the market.1CPOC_Brava Protective Seal-1

Brava® Protective Seal Convex

Moldable convexity to create a personalized fit and support your stoma.CPOC_Brava Protective Seal Convex-1

Brava® Strip Paste

Fills uneven skin surfaces to even out the peristomal skin.

CPOC_Brava Strip Paste

Support with confidence

Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips

Help prevent the edges of the barrier from lifting or rolling.

CPOC_Brava Elastic Barrier Strips Hero Shot


Brava® Ostomy Support Belt

Provides support and relieves the heavy sensation of hernias.

CPOC_Brava Ostomy Support Belt

Brava® Lubricating Deodorant

All-in-one pouch lubricant and deodorizer.

CPOC_Brava Lubricating Deodorant

Protect the skin

Brava® Adhesive Remover Spray & Wipes

Quick and easy removal of adhesives, with 89% less peel force.2

CPOC_Brava Skin Adhesive Hero Shot


Brava® Skin Barrier Spray & Wipes

Shields against output and adhesives and protects the peristomal skin.

CPOC_Brava Skin Barrier Hero Shot


Brava® Protective Sheets

Skin-friendly sheets absorb moisture to help keep peristomal skin dry and avoid maceration.

CPOC_Brava Protective Sheet-1


1. Products in evaluation included Hollister Adapt CeraRing™*, ConvaTec Stomahesive™* Seal, and Eakin Cohesive™* Seal. Based on bench test data. May not be indicative of clinical performance. Performance and experiences may vary. 

           TM* Third-party brands are property of their respective owners. 

2. Laboratory Report. Compared against not using Brava Adhesive Remover. Coloplast. Data on file. 
Prior to use, refer to product ‘Instructions for Use’ for intended use and relevant safety information. 
Coloplast and Brava are registered trademarks of Coloplast A/S. 

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