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Scholarship Opportunities

ABC Medical offers semi-annual scholarships, divided into the following three categories:

  • Adaptive Sports: The Adaptive Sports scholarship will be awarded to individuals who represent good sportsmanship, display continuous respect for themselves and others, and display leadership characteristics on their adaptive sports team.  
  • Scholars: The Scholar Athlete award will be given to individuals in need of financial assistance for their college tuition.
  • Making a Difference: The Making a Difference scholarship will be given to individuals that are trying to improve their own lives or improve the lives of others around them.

The amounts will vary and are awarded at the sole discretion of the ABC Scholarship Committee.

Please read carefully before starting your application!
    • All applicants must download the application form, available on this page.
    • Provide detailed and genuine answers to the essay questions. These questions are designed to help us get to know who you are. Show us why you deserve this scholarship! Try to be creative!
    • We also require a letter of recommendation (could be from a coach or a teacher) prior to the award date.
    • Application deadlines are listed below:
        • March 31— SPRING SESSION
        • September 30— FALL SESSION

Scholarship Application