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Partners in
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Adaptive Sports

ABC Medical has been involved in encouraging and enabling participation in adaptive sports as an integral part of our business.. We have witnessed the power of athletics to transform the disabled men, women and youth who participate at all levels—serious athletes and casual players, alike. Even spectators discover a renewed belief in their own potential and find a deep sense of connection as part of this vibrant community.

Our participation has transformed us also. SD Guys Volley ballEvery year the ABC Medical team supports over 100 adaptive sports events across the country so we can demonstrate our support to these athletes and their families. Some of the larger events we attend every year include the National Wheelchair Basketball Championships, Quad Rugby Nationals,  and Wheelchair Softball Nationals . These events allow us the opportunity to meet our customers and gain insight into the community we service every day. This, in turn, allows us to tailor our programs and services to best benefit the community. No other DME provider does this and that is one reason ABC Medical is a Different Kind of DME. At ABC Medical, our goal is to help people lead healthier and more active lives. 

ABC wc tennis nationals

If you are an athlete and travel with your team to different tournaments, we would love to meet you at our next event! Please look for the ABC Medical table  on the court or in the field and come say “hi” to us! And if you do not see an ABC medical table at your event, please let us know so we make sure to add the event to our calendar for next year.

Get more information on our events and be involved, please send us a message.

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