• To outline acceptable standards of ethical conduct for all employees, contractors and members of the Board of Directors.
  • To develop and promote high standards of customer care and business practices in the provision and delivery of medical supplies and related services.
  • To inform customers and the community served as to the acceptable guidelines for ethical conduct for the company and its employees, including contracted personnel.
  • To conduct business and provide customer care and services in a manner that will instill confidence, trust and respect in customers, employees, professional peers, organizations and the general public.
  • The rights of customers will be respected and protected by all company personnel and integrated within all departments.

Code of Ethics

  • A Code of Ethics demonstrates an organization’s acceptance of the responsibility and trust with which it has been invested by society.
  • This Code of Ethics, adopted by the Board of Directors, serves as a commitment to the general public and staff that the company stands for integrity and ethical standards, has established acceptable guidelines for ethical conduct, and advances notice to government officials, payers and referral sources that the company is committed to, and expects members of the Board of Directors and its personnel, including contractors, to abide by all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • The standards set forth in this code serve as a statement to the general public and to governmental agencies that the company and its employees stand for integrity and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • The Code of Ethics contains standards of ethical behavior and practices that impact all dealings with colleagues, customers, the community and society as a whole.
  • The Code of Ethics also incorporates standards governing personal behavior, particularly when that conduct directly relates to the role and identity of the company.
  • The Code of Ethics outlines principles focused on maintaining and enhancing excellence within the company.

  • The company has an ethical responsibility to the customers and the community it serves and fulfills this responsibility through ethical care, treatment, service and business practices.
  • The company provides care, treatment and/or services within its scope, stated mission and philosophy, and applicable laws, regulations and standards. 
  • The mission of this company and subsequent policies shall be consistent in the support and protection of the rights of customers in all aspects of care, treatment and/or services.
  • Customers/families/legal surrogate representatives receive information about charges for which they may be responsible.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, customers/families/legal representatives are included in decisions about the customer’s care, treatment and/or services, including ethical issues.
  • Marketing materials shall accurately represent ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc. to the public regarding the types or quality of care, treatment and/or services the company can provide, directly or through contractual arrangement.
  • Should the customer require or request care, treatment or services not available or inconsistent with the company’s mission, an offer to refer/transfer the customer to an organization that can fulfill this need will be made, and if the offer is accepted by the customer/family/legal representative and approved by the physician, the customer will be referred/transferred appropriately.
  • The customer/family/legal representative will be notified of any financial benefit, if any, to ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc. as a result of the referral/transfer process.
  • Contracted providers of healthcare services must meet and adhere to the quality and ethical standards of this company.
  • Billing practices of ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc. shall adhere to and be compliant with usual and acceptable standards of ethical and legal business billing practices.
  • The effectiveness and safety of care, treatment and/or services provided by ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc. is consistent for all customers and is not dependent on the customer’s ability to pay.
  • Unpaid accounts will be reviewed prior to referral to a collection agency.  Should a customer continue to require home health assistance although he/she can no longer continue care, treatment and/or services due to financial hardship, all efforts will be made to assist the customer/family obtain alternate financial resources.


Staff Members' and Board of Directors'
Responsibilities to those Served and to the Community:

  • Customers’ care, treatment and/or services are not adversely impacted when a staff member’s/contractor’s request to be excused from participating in any aspect of the customer’s care, treatment and/or service is granted.
  • Provide healthcare services consistent with available resources and assure the existence of a resource allocation process that considers ethical ramifications.
  • Conduct both competitive and cooperative activities in ways that improve community healthcare services.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of business management processes, functions and services.
  • Respect the cultures, customs and practices of those served, consistent with the company’s philosophy.
  • Be truthful in all forms of communication, including receivables, and avoid conveying information that would create unreasonable expectations.
  • Enhance the dignity and image of the company through marketing, public relations and education programs without undermining the reputation of competitive businesses.
  • Assure the existence of a process to evaluate the quality of care or services rendered.
  • Avoid exploitation of relationships for personal advantage.
  • Avoid practicing or facilitating discrimination and institute safeguards to prevent discriminatory organizational practices.
  • Advise customers of rights, responsibilities and risks regarding care, treatment and/or services provided.
  • Assure confidentiality and autonomy of customers and others served.


    Employees, contractors, students and volunteers who violate this code shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.