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At ABC Medical, we are proud to offer a comprehensive product line, ranging from urology products to ostomy products and from incontinence to wound care supplies.  We work with all the leading manufacturers to provide you with the best-in-class medical products with unmatched customer service. You can enjoy a stress-free life, knowing that you are on the best product available for you.  ABC Medical is proud to provide a wide variety of urological, ostomy, wound care, and incontinence supplies from all of the top manufacturers.

Urology Supplies  – ABC Medical offers hundreds of closed system catheters, sterile intermittent catheters, coudé catheters, hydrophilic catheters, foley catheters, male external catheters along with an extensive selection of urological accessories. 

Ostomy Supplies  – ABC Medical provides a full line of high-quality pouches, skin barriers, and ostomy accessories from the brands you trust. 

Wound Care Supplies  – ABC Medical carries hundreds of dressings, gels, creams, and other accessories for wound care.  

Incontinence Supplies  – ABC Medical provides underpads, chux, adult/child underwear, and other incontinence supply items for all ages.  

There has been tremendous growth in the medical supply industry, particularly in the urology field. Our partners have introduced new innovative products, providing our clients with different options to help manage their daily activities. Our customer consultants are here to help you with your needs. Call us at 866-548-1160.

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Please note: because intermittent catheters are regulated as prescription-only medical devices, a current prescription is needed to ship samples.

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