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Easily Manage Patients' Prescriptions 

ScriptSpot by ABC Medical is a safe and efficient method of ensuring patient's needs are met. ScriptSpot eliminates the hassle of paperwork and saves valuable time. A few clicks and the task at hand is done! 

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Message ABC Medical directly - no fax, email, or phone needed
  • View patient history
  • Get daily updates on what is waiting for approval in the GoScripts account
  • Doctors can authorize a user to facilitate referrals 

ScriptSpot is Easy and Quick to Use

  1. To access ScriptSpot by ABC Medical, a healthcare provider needs a GoScripts account
  2. To sign up for GoScripts, click here 
  3. Once an account is created, use the login page to access it
  4. Some tasks that can be completed in GoScripts:
    1. Add a new patient chart 
    2. Add patient information 
    3. Place an order
    4. Upload files
    5. Sign Validated Orders