Changing Your Pouching System 

Prepare your new pouching system before removing the old one. How often you will need to change your pouching system depends on the type of stoma, the location of the stoma, and the kind of drainage from the stoma. Using the right type of pouching system and putting it on the right way will also affect how long you can wear it. Wear time may be affected by other factors such as activity level, body shape, and perspiration. There are many pouching systems made to be worn for 3-7 days, but there are some that need to be changed every day. Contact your nurse or health care provider if you are changing your pouching system more frequentl than your normal wear time. 

How to get your old pouching system off

Take time when you remove your pouching system. Do not rip it off because this may hurt your skin. Try to remove it in the direction your hair grows.Loosen and lift the edge of the pouching system with one hand and push down on the skin near the skin barrier with the other hand. You may find it helpful to start at the top and work down to the bottom so you can see what you are doing, which would also allow the pouch to catch any drainage.
Some people use warm water to remove the pouching system and other people may use adhesive remover. If you use adhesive remover it is very important to wash off all the adhesive remover from your skin with soap and water and dry the skin completely before you put on your new pouching system.
Sometimes your skin may look pinker, redder or darker right after you take off your pouching system. This should fade away in a few minutes. 

How to Prevent Infection

The stoma is your bowel. It is protected by mucus so stool or urine won’t hurt it. A stoma rarely becomes infected. The most important thing is to protect the skin around your stoma. A correct fitting pouching system is the best way to prevent an infection of your skin.

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What are Ostomy Adhesives?

Ostomy adhesives are used to increase the stickiness between the pouching system and the skin. Typical examples of ostomy adhesives include cements and sprays. These products might have latex or have an acrylic base.
Additional tips for use: Only a light, even coating of an adhesive should be used. Give the adhesive time to dry completely before putting on the pouching system. It is important to follow the directions on your product. Many adhesives need to dry for three to five minutes before use.. This helps to decrease the chance of chemicals hurting the skin. 

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