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We Got Your Back, Seattle! 


Hi There, 

You have probably heard of ABC Medical before or seen them at our home tournaments.

How much do you actually know about them?   

Here are some fun facts about ABC Medical:  

  • ABC Medical is one of the biggest supporters of Seattle's Adaptive Sports programs.
  • You probably already met the wonderful and amicable Meg Paulsen at one of our adaptive sports tournaments.She is a proud ABC rep and loves supporting our Seattle athletes!
  • ABC stands for Adapt.Believe.Compete. 
  • They are a medical supply provider that offers a wide range of products, including urology, ostomy, wound care and incontinence supplies.
  • They offer a smooth transition program to get you all set up with your supplies.
  • They don't switch your products. What you want is what you get! 
  • They are the BIGGEST medical supply provider that supports adaptive sports.
  • They have a scholarship program and 24/7 Ask-A-Nurse Hotline.

tami_english.jpg "I believe I speak of many organizations across the country with adaptive sports programs, the generosity of ABC Medical has been a blessing.  To have the support of a company that understands the needs for our athletes to be active and competitive is overwhelming.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!" 
 English - Exec. Director of Seattle Adaptive Sports

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