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The ABCs of Persistence: Spring 2024 Scholarship Winners !

Jun 26, 2024 5:31:03 PM / by ABC Medical

ABC Medical

Scholarship Blog

Twice each year, ABC Medical awards $1,000 scholarships to three individuals in the areas of academics, adaptive sports, and community service. Every time, we’re blown away by each applicant’s drive and determination.

The ABC Scholarship Committee has the difficult (but rewarding!) task of choosing these individuals who epitomize our core values of Adapt, Believe, Compete. Let’s meet our Spring 2024 winners to see how they share our mission to make the lives of others more rewarding and dignified.

Adapt: Amber (Las Vegas, NV)


Amber lives with a spinal cord injury resulting from stray gunfire at a Halloween party. After emergency surgery, she spent three months in intensive physical therapy. She’s now at home with her family, supported by her rehabilitation team at the non-profit Driven Neuro Recovery Center in Las Vegas.


Amber has found her community at Driven, surrounded by new friends and engaging in new activities like Weightlifting Club. She credits her adopted puppy as the cornerstone of her mental health journey. Amber shares her story on Instagram and TikTok to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries and victims of gun violence.

Goals, in her own words…

Amber once dreamed of a career as a police officer. Now, she’s focusing on financial stability through entrepreneurship, starting with using her $1,000 scholarship to earn a college degree in business.

“This academic pursuit is motivated by my aspiration to establish a business specializing in the sale of adaptive tools and equipment at an affordable price. These products have been instrumental in surmounting the daily obstacles posed by my disability. I’m eager to submerge myself into the intricacies of the perplexing wholesale industry as part of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I am resolute in my determination to continue working towards my physical milestones while simultaneously advancing my educational and entrepreneurial ambitions. The ABC Medical Scholarship represents a vital lifeline of financial assistance that’s essential for me to pursue these aspirations and effect a lasting transformation in my life and the lives of those around me.”

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Believe: Will (Newark, DE)


Will was born with cerebral palsy. His love of learning blossomed at age 6 when his parents enrolled him in an adaptive daycare program at the University of Delaware. This innovative early intervention using modified ride-on cars was documented in the groundbreaking “Go Baby Go” research study.


In addition to his academic accomplishments, Will joined the Boy Scouts and earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. He’s completed a 50-mile ride on a hand-pedaled bike, traveled through all 50 states and overseas, organized renovations at his family’s church, and continues to volunteer at a local food bank. He says the Scouting tenet of “service” is a strong reminder of the power of community and collaboration.

Goals, in his own words…

Will is setting his sights on college studies in history, anthropology, and law. He envisions a career as a lawyer, civil servant in government, or staff member at a museum or national park. He’s looking forward to using the scholarship to enjoy an inclusive college experience.

“The world today faces unprecedented challenges, from climate change to rapid technological advancements. However, the values I have learned on my way have equipped me to navigate these challenges with confidence and optimism.

Whether it's exploring new frontiers, serving my community, or pursuing a career that aligns with my passions, I am ready to carve out my path. My life has taught me that with resilience, determination, and a spirit of exploration, no dream is too big, and no challenge insurmountable.”

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Compete: Sean (Alpharetta, GA)


Sean, an athlete and outdoors enthusiast, was injured during a swimming accident at 16, which made him a quadriplegic. He lived at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta during his intensive rehabilitation.


While at Shepherd, Sean continued with his schoolwork, determined to graduate on time with his lifelong friends. He took virtual classes following his accident, managed a full load the next semester, and completed several summer courses. He returned to school with his classmates and graduated alongside them in May 2024.

Goals, in his own words…

Sean is now using that same persistence to keep moving forward. He’s taught himself to hunt and fish through recreational therapy, and he looks forward to driving a truck through the red clay of Georgia with his friends again. His next stop is the University of Alabama to study exercise science and kinesiology. He dreams of working in research for spinal cord injury rehabilitation – specifically at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta. ABC Medical is proud to help him through that journey.

“One of the most important lessons I learned from this experience was the incredible power of resilience and determination to endure and overcome even the most challenging of setbacks. Over time, I have regained some mobility and learned to adapt. I was a baseball player, fisherman, and hunter. I still love to spend my time doing the same. I just had to relearn.

While I may never fully recover, I have found ways to lead the life I want. It's a journey that continues to shape me. More importantly, I have found that I am still all those things I was before.”

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Save the Date: October 1, 2024

We’re accepting Fall 2024 applications for ABC Medical $1,000 scholarship awards through October 1. The winning applicants will be notified around October 15. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!


About the ABC Medical Scholarships

ABC Medical offers semi-annual scholarships for Adaptive Sports, Education and for those Making a Difference in their community or in the lives of those around them. Fall 2024 Scholarship applications are now accepted until October 1, and our winning applicants will be notified around October 15.


Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For medical advice, please speak with your healthcare provider.

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