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Happily Ever After

Jul 18, 2018 11:19:08 AM / by Dave Kiley posted in adaptive sports, spina bifida, graduation, accident


A family holiday trip to Alabama for Santiago (Santi) Rueda over Memorial Day weekend, simple and sweet. You drive for hours and you visualize along the way the fun you are about to have once you arrive! The vision does not include any negative thoughts, just anticipation of all the activity and food one can have on such a trip....which Santi’s family has done countless times before.

The weekend had begun and Santi and his Mom, Serena, mount an ATV to punch their fun meter together. Something about ATV’s, Jet Ski’s or even sit down mowers that we take for granted. Operation of an ATV seems to be an easy do, as we are unsuspecting participants that unintentionally underestimate the danger that lurks behind the above mentioned equipment.

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My Spina Bifida Story: Story of a Caring Teacher

Nov 16, 2017 4:01:07 PM / by Ryan Krygier posted in spina bifida, sled hockey, independent living


My name is Ryan Krygier and I have spina bifida. Today, I would like to tell you My Spina Bifida Story. I was born 39 years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I still live most of the year. I work as a teacher’s aide at the Sacred Heart Academy. I really enjoy watching adaptive sports, especially sled hockey. I am a huge supporter of the Grand Rapids Sled Wings, our local sled hockey team. I attend every home game and sometimes travel with the team to show my support at other tournaments.

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Our Spina Bifida Story- A mother's perspective

Oct 25, 2016 2:48:09 PM / by Işıl Tanyeri posted in wheelchair basketball, parenting, spina bifida, adapted sports


Today is  World Spina Bifida Day!  As Team ABC Medical, we are excited to celebrate this important day by helping  build awareness for spina bifida and sharing some of the unique stories of families from all across our country. In this Q&A, originally published last year, we got to chat with Misty Schaff from Shelbyville, IN, who along with her husband Travis is raising 3 boys. The youngest of them, "the baby" of the family, is Kaiden, who is now 9. Kaiden was born with spina bifida.  

This is their spina bifida story. 

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