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New to Using Catheter Devices? Here’s How to Enjoy a Smooth Transition

Nov 30, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by ABC Medical

ABC Medical


Transitioning to a life using catheter devices may seem overwhelming or uncomfortable. Though learning to use catheter supplies does undoubtedly take some getting used to, it is still easy to live your normal life without compromise. A little time and practice with catheter devices will start you on the right path towards a smooth transition.

Catheter devices are ideal tools for individuals who have difficulty draining their bladder. Health care providers may recommend using catheter supplies if an individual suffers from urinary incontinence, urinary retention, or other medical conditions such as a spinal cord injury, as well as those who have had surgery on their prostate or genitals. After initial insertion, a doctor or nurse will typically supply individuals with catheter supplies and catheter accessories and educate individuals on how to empty and change their equipment.

For individuals who are new to catheter use, it’s important to distinguish the three types of catheters on the market.

  • Indwelling catheters (also known as foley catheters) remain inside an individual’s bladder to keep it fully drained. These catheter devices attach to a drainage bag that has a valve which can be opened to allow urine to flow out.
  • Intermittent catheters are an alternative to indwelling catheters that are often preferred by individuals who can self-catheterize several times a day. These catheters are self-inserted a prescribed number of times each day to ensure total bladder drainage, which may grant users a sense of independence.
  • External catheters remain fully outside the body by either fitting over a male’s penis or being secured against a female’s labia. Since external catheters don’t require insertion, they reduce the risk of urinary tract infections for individuals.

Using Catheter Devices Correctly

Often, individuals will first learn about using catheter devices from their doctor or nurse in a hospital setting. In addition to providing initial catheter supplies, doctors and nurses will also offer valuable insight into how to utilize and care for a catheter properly. This includes proper catheterization hygiene which will reduce the risk of infection or other complications.

Make Use of Catheter Accessories

Before individuals complete their transition into using catheters regularly, they may experience some discomfort during catheterization. Manufacturers have designed products that offer comfort, convenience, and discretion. For example, an individual may consider using lubricating jelly for their uncoated catheter to make the process less uncomfortable. Furthermore, hydrophilic catheters are designed to maintain lubrication through the length of the urethra and reduce friction during insertion.

Maintain a Positive Perspective

Adjusting to a lifestyle that includes catheter supplies may seem unpleasant to some. However, keeping a positive outlook on everything will smooth the transition. Seeing the bright side of things can go a long way towards adjusting to catheter devices. Individuals who are new to catheters should remember that catheter devices help them stay healthy. Furthermore, there is always a community of others who are all experiencing the same transition. Consider reading through ABC Medical’s customer testimonials to see what others have had to say, then look up stories of individuals who have overcome big life changes and adapted to their urology supplies.

Build Relationships with Catheter Supply Companies

Transitioning to a life that includes catheter supplies does not need to be done alone. When individuals need catheter supplies due to a change in their life, then they deserve the support of leading catheter supply companies. ABC Medical is a proud supplier of many different catheter options from top manufacturers. ABC Medical’s knowledgeable staff aims to help customers make the best possible decisions for their needs by answering any questions about catheter supplies and catheter maintenance.

Individuals who are new to using catheter devices should have the knowledge to choose the right catheter supplies for their needs. Speak with your medical provider for information on bladder management. Then, contact catheter supply companies to obtain the best products for your needs.

ABC Medical is a supplier of durable medical equipment and does not provide medical advice or treatment. This article is for informational purposes only. You should seek medical treatment from a licensed medical provider.


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