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Meet the Team - Navigator Peer Support

Nov 29, 2021 1:33:57 PM / by Jill Karno

Jill Karno

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The Navigator Experience

Resuming life after a spinal cord injury isn't easy and every person is different. Questions arise around activities of daily life such as nutrition, sports competition, sexual function, transportation, or bowel and bladder management. Knowledgeable help is invaluable.

ABC Medical's Navigator program is designed to offer individualized support for a person’s road back from spinal cord injury. This individualized assistance is provided through trained 'Navigators', as well as Peer Support Team members with spinal cord injuries who, from their own lived experience, can offer practical help and inspiring stories that foster genuine hope.

Meet Jeremy, one of our Peer Support Team members at ABC Medical
Q&A with Jeremy:
What drew you to Navigator? I am part of the Peer Support Team because it affords me an opportunity to be part of a program that is bigger than me, and even bigger than ABC Medical.

What are some of your favorite activities?  I enjoy wake surfing, snow skiing, flying, cooking, and spending time with family.

One piece of advice you’ll never forget: Success in life is understanding that it isn’t about you; it’s about others.


Meet Todd, one of our Peer Support Team members at ABC Medical
Q&A with Todd:
What drew you to Navigator? Being an SCI survivor, I know how difficult those days, weeks, and months can be following the initial injury. Every journey is different, but the right mindset and tools for support can make all the difference. Within a couple of years of my injury, it became my passion to help others work through that huge life adjustment with a sense of hope on the other side. I have been doing that for several years now and it has been so rewarding to see those individuals not only living but thriving. 

What are some of your favorite activities?  I love almost anything outdoors, including my favorite sport, sit-skiing. I enjoy cooking with great music, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family.

One piece of advice you’ll never forget: The best piece of advice I was given after my injury was to not take myself too seriously, allow myself to grieve the change, and to literally take one day at a time while still moving forward until you find your new rhythm in life.


Set a Course for Getting Back to Life.

Reach out to our Navigator Team

Whether an individual is just setting out on his/her return to life after an SCI or simply looking for advice on an everyday topic, Navigator Patient Support Service from ABC Medical offers comprehensive services.

If you have questions for us or anything we can help with, we are here for you.

Please, never hesitate to reach out!

The Navigator Team
tel: 855.774.6631
email: navigator@abc-med.com
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Jill Karno

Written by Jill Karno

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