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"The Healing Begins Today" by Randy Oates

Jun 23, 2017 5:54:31 PM / by Randy Oates

ABC Medical is working on a new book that features chapters submitted by ABC Medical Customers. The purpose of "The Stories of Adapt.Believe.Compete." is to give an avenue for our amazing customers to share their stories, inspire others and build awareness to live with paralysis. To submit a chapter, please click here.

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My Final Triathlon 

I finished third in in my age group at the 2007 River Cities Triathlon , it seemed like all was right with the world. Just a few months away from turning sixty-four, I was enjoying retirement and looking forward to spending time with my wife,  and sailing, running, cycling, and  maybe winning  a few races.

A few days later, a doctor diagnosed my post race leg cramp as the result of a slightly bulging disk. But when the doctor gave me an epidural injection, which he described as a "routine procedure", I woke up as a paraplegic. And doctor after doctor told me I would never walk again. This could be how my story ended, but it didn't.

I was determined to defy the odds and I was going to do whatever it took to get back on my feet. With a team of dedicated individuals—including therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, and my “Holy Trinity” of my wife, son, and best friend—I slowly moved towards the seemingly impossible task of putting one foot in front of the other.

It took a village to rebuild my body, and I wrote a candid book about my fight to recover, "The Healing Begins Today". My hope was to inspire people, who have suffered a terrible injury, to find ways to win back their life. And some of the reviews and comments I have received, have been very gratifying. Now at 73,  ten years after being paralyzed, I am still working out, getting stronger, and walk with canes and braces,  and enjoy a wonderful  life in Punta Gorda, Florida. 

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"I can no longer balance on a bike, so this is my trike which I can pedal on flat ground, at about 6-7 mph."

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My wife ‘Sam’ and I walking on the beach in Florida.


"The Healing Beings Today" authored by Randy Oates is available on Amazon for purchase.  

Click here to place your order today. 

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Randy Oates

Written by Randy Oates

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